Saturday, October 3, 2015

A New Bigfoot Development!

I collect all things Bigfoot. Experience-wise, that is.

Other than bits and pieces here and there, I haven't had much to consider --
     except Daughter #2's personal experience last year. 
         Which was scary enough.

This year, she and partner Keith were out bowhunting in the boonies...
    Keith even went back to what they now refer to as "Sasquatch Mountain."

     No weird sounds, no wood-knocking, no upright-crunching-sounds-around-the-tent.

Until Keith went back a second time this weekend...
    And lo and behold, what did he find crossing the trail?

This footprint. 

(Btw, Keith's boot here is about a man's 10 1/2.)

Either someone with Really Big Feet is wandering around barefoot in the back boonies --
       or something interesting is happening.

At the very least, you can see the pretty golden leaves. Maybe Mr. S. is like Ferdinand the Bull...except instead of sitting and smelling the pretty flowers, he likes aspen. Who knows.

I'll keep you posted.

It's not this guy. Not Abby the dog, either.

UPDATE:  Had a chance to ask Daughter #2 more about the Bigfoot Footprint. Keith found it approx. 100 yards from his tent, way in the backcountry. He did not notice any other prints. (And took this photo, I suspect, because I've been pestering the poor guy for more BF evidence.)

AN UPDATE TO THE UPDATE:  Talked to Keith himself...exhausted and fighting the flu. (Poor guy.) He had another interesting visitor to his tent, late at night. Something heavy walked around his tent, and 'nudged' the tent wall. It wasn't elk -- they visited later that night -- but K. thought it might have been a bear. (Although he wasn't at all sure Whatever It Was walked on all fours.) Or...?

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