Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Voted Yet?

It's still mild here, in spite of a light frost or two. Hardly a drop of rain, in spite of threatening clouds and fresh snow on the mountains. Doesn't matter much, though, because the Brick and I have been staying inside all week to count ballots and check signatures. We have a few more days, then it's back to our regular lives. Which will be kind of nice. 
    If you haven't voted yet, it's not too late to do so. The United States is lucky to be able to speak its mind this time of year. Sure, things happen that we don't want. (Not all Coloradoans voted for the marijuana initiative, after all!) People get elected that we don't respect. But now and then, things do improve. And you have no right to comment if you did nothing. 

    Be sure to vote by Tuesday evening, fellow Americans. Meanwhile:

The Kansas City Royals win the World Series decisively, with a final game: 7-2.

(The Broncos didn't do too bad, either.)

Good advice from Bill Watterson. I am a big fan of this guy, and his friends Calvin and Hobbes.

"The people I blocked on Facebook" -- and why. (From Money Beagle)

How drones helped save a missing horse's life. (This one comes from my neck of the woods.)

Interesting uses for a yellow tennis ball...especially if you like smiley faces. (From Pinterest)

Down she went...Diary of a Stay-At-Home Mom rattles on. (And I love it.)

Eight low-calorie (well, sort of) goodies you can make with leftover Halloween candy. Including mini Snickers the ones shown below. (Thanks, Hungry Girl.)

What the super-rich eat for breakfast.

Looking toward November: its delights and duties. (From Living Rich on the Cheap)

And finally, from Mental Floss...misconceptions about pirates!  (Just guidelines, really.)

Have a great week.

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