Friday, December 4, 2015

A December Miracle!

I am astonished when this miracle happens every year:

The Brick is suddenly willing to watch holiday movies!

Granted, we keep favorites like Die Hard and Die Hard 2 on our holiday list, along with Holiday Inn and smarmier stuff.  But he actually requested we watch Home Alone 2 last night. (The alternative was another Steven Segal flick. Nothing says Christmas like Segal kicking somebody in uncomfortable places.)

So we did...and it was wonderful.

I'm looking forward to National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation next. Speaking of...have you seen the newest commercial on this line of thought?  (Go to Youtube, and put in "Christie Brinkley Infiniti car commercial"'ll see what I mean. Or use this link to get there, instead.)

Happy December...hopefully you're watching a holiday flick or two, as well.

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