Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Breakfast and Brits

    We went out for breakfast this morning...something we haven't done for ages. It was lovely and warm, so we sat out on the terrace. (In December?!? Yes...) And wouldn't you know it -- while helping myself to a glass of juice from the buffet:

     A bird hopped on my plate.

     And stole a piece of bacon.
   The stinker.

Ha - got her!

     Weather must be changing -- the sky is a silvery gray, and the Brick is suffering getting-older pains. His gout kicks up whenever we have drastic weather move in...and his fingers are aching, poor guy. Cherry juice helps. So does a long rub by yours truly. But I still feel terrible when I watch him aching like this.

* * * * * * * * *

I've been enjoying three British bloggers so much these past few months -- and thought you'd want to meet them, too. They don't talk about anything 'fancy pants,' but it's great fun to hear about their gardens, great buys (especially in the grocery department), visits to the thrift shop, crafts...and everyday life. Besides, it sounds so much more intriguing with an English accent.

So try --

Living Rich on the Cheap  (I think this lady is actually Canadian...)

Our New Life in the Country

Frugal in Lincolnshire 

Make a pot of tea before you start reading...you'll want it while you're chatting with these new friends. 


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Well, thank you! I hope you come visit regularly...

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