Saturday, March 26, 2016

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: North Idaho Quilters Guild

This Monday list is a early one, so I can post it before leaving... Happy Easter!

Sunday afternoon, I'm heading out to the North Idaho Quilters Guild in Hayden, ID. Yours truly will be talking about Crazy quilts on Monday (the 28th), and teaching about them on Tuesday (the 29th).  There aren't many spaces left in class, but the lecture's wide open. I'd love it if you'd stop by! 

We got a phone call from the doctor's office Friday: this mystery whatever-it-is we've both been hacking and coughing away from is.... (drum roll)... pneumonia. Go figure. All I know is that it's hung on far longer than it should. Fortunately, we've both had some time to rest in between working gigs. And I plan on resting between commitments in Idaho, too, so I can give the classes all I've got. (Both of us really do feel better -- we just run out of steam quickly.) 
      Storm #2 came in, as well, but this one was minor: only 6" or so of snow. It was enough, though, to cancel some events today, and keep life generally quiet. Which is okay with us.

So no fancy Easter dinner, unless you count Chinese from the food court at DIA. But we can still celebrate the King's resurrection by singing and playing on Worship Team for the services on Sunday. Then it's off to the airport for me, and friends' house for dinner for the Brick. Meanwhile:

More Bunny Cupcakes. These are just as cute as the bunny butts. (From Betty Crocker, via the Holiday Goodies blog)

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Doing Disney -- on a budget. (From The Simple Dollar)

Sixteen very cool ideas for tiny kitchens. Like this one, courtesy of Apartment Therapy:

Ten of the rarest, most expensive bottles of wine on earth. Two have connections with Thomas Jefferson...and one of those is thought to be undrinkable! (From Crystal Kiss)

Planning the best birthday party on a budget. Done Filipino version, that is. Interesting, nonetheless. (From Reach Financial Independence)

The ten least-deserved Academy Awards in the past twenty years. Lots of interesting movie-related lists on this website, including the Top Ten Twilight Zone twists. (Brought back a memory of the creepy old woman who tries to smash the miniatures that threaten her. Thank you, Agnes Moorhead and Shadowlocked.)

Popping very large cysts. Online. So you can watch the gunky stuff spurt out. (I am not making this up. There are entire Youtube sections on this subject.) In keeping with this weirdness:

Ten facts you need to know if you plan to self-mummify.  The first one: it's going to be hard. Hey, only the best and brightest info here at Brickworks.  (Courtesy of Listverse)

Creative ways to use one dollar. Yes, one shiny dollar! (From Penny Hoarder)

The value of perseverance.  (From Messy Thrilling Life)

One interesting pendant.. they've got it in green and brown, too.  Update: I found the blue version cheaper on Amazon. (Yes, I ordered one.) But they don't seem to have it in green or brown -- and Daughters' eyes are brown. Darn.

Blue Eye With Tears Silver Plated Necklace

Are your neighbors using parking spaces in front of your place, and getting in your way? Put up fake 'no parking' signs -- that's what Madonna did. 

Ten oddball criminals...AFTER their '15 minutes of fame.' My favorite: Michael Fagan, the guy who snuck into the palace to kiss Queen Elizabeth (and found her sleeping sitting up, Colonial-style.)
Thanks, Listverse.

Sir Charles has been preoccupied with his tail lately -- chewing and biting on it. (Chases it sometimes, too. Where's it going -- Italy?) Maybe it's the thrill of possession:


Travel the world for free -- a number of ways to do it. (via

Have a great week -- Christ is risen, He is risen indeed.

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