Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Cheyenne Heritage Quilt Show

We're just back from camping on Grand Mesa, a high-up area filled with lakes, forests and fields. Sometimes with cattle -- national parks around here often have grazing rights, as well. After a few days, we tromped down to Palisade and the real reason for our visit:  boxes and boxes of luscious, juicy, ripe peaches. 
     Oh my. 
It will take some time to get them all processed, but what a joyous activity, particularly since you can snag a bite now and then while you're working.

     First up, though, is a visit this week to the Cheyenne Heritage Quilters show in Cheyenne, WY.  I'm up for judging duties, as well as some days of appraising. With the caliber of these quiltmakers, the pleasure is all mine.
     Stop by Aug. 25-27 at the First United Methodist Church (108 E. 18th St.) in downtown Cheyenne. You'll really enjoy it. 

"How the wrong choice could ruin your spouse's retirement."  (From Liz Weston)

A birthday cake protein shake. Perfect for a natal breakfast.  (From Northern Cheapskate)

The first full human head transplant is scheduled and moving ahead. The operation is scheduled for Dec. 2017. Lest you think, "Whoa," it's already been done recently with a monkey's head. (But others have claimed to have done it successfully for decades before now.) Yuck. Speaking of..

Amazing reconstructions of ancient people, using their skulls. #4 looks a lot like our assistant pastor... (From Listverse) Also:

Ten archeological finds that alter history.   (I love this site.)

One ruling of Nazi-seized artwork that DIDN'T return to its disputed owner.  Or was it actually someone else's, seized by the Soviets before that? This one's a puzzler.  (From ArtNews)

A family with 13 kids is mortgage-free...and sending their children to college. With no extra debt.

Eating cheaper at Chipotle's.  Healthier, too.

Eight 'snack hacks.' Healthy AND clever.  (From Hungry Girl)

BAKED cinnamon sugar doughnuts. Oh my... (From Sweetest Menu)

Relive Usain Bolt's Olympic gold-medal-winning race...practically step by step.

Trouble in River (er, Olympic) City over boxing -- several refs fired for their crappy decisionmaking. (Though those decisions weren't overturned...surprising.)

Interviews with the women runners who collectively earned gold, silver and bronze...a first for the U.S. in this event. And what they thought helped them...

Piers Morgan blats off his mouth (again) -- this time on bronze and silver medal winners.
    And gets effectively shut down, I might add, by this economist's response.

The guy who brought ALL of his employees' wages up to $70,000. And, to his surprise, made his company even more successful by doing it.

The Statue of Liberty just got hit by lightning!  (Fortunately, she's okay.)

Daniel Norris, the Blue Jays' pitcher...who lived in a van.  (He's playing for the Tigers now.)

Pennsylvania's Attorney General goes down in flames: guilty on all counts of perjury, influence-fixing and more.  (She resigned last week Wednesday -- it's about time.)

It's been snowing in New Zealand.  (From Life at Barkalot Farm)

A dog...a dark figure...and Bigfoot?  (I doubt it, but see for yourself.)

Ten intriguing finds uncovered by storms.  Sadly, some were lost, too. (From Listverse)

Eleven money hacks that are worth trying.  (From Budgets Are Sexy)

"Why I love my smart meter."   He should -- it saves him money. (From Money Beagle)

Do you enjoy White Castle burgers? This made-in-the-oven version is fast and easy.  (From A Thrifty Mom) While you're at it, stop by her recipe index -- she's got a bunch of useful recipes, including some clever April Fool-type dishes.

Ten lunch sandwiches -- their price now, compared to their price in past years. (You'll be surprised at the price changes. From Len Penzo)

Make other birthdays the priority -- instead of your own.  (From Pretend to be Poor)

29 stars who fell -- or jumped -- to their death. Some surprises here, including Kurt Vonnegut and Robert Culp.

Art rivalries. From Manet to Degas, deKooning to Pollock. Plus:

Five weird facts about Edgar Degas. And they aren't nicey ones, either.

Have a great week -- stop by and see us in Cheyenne!

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