Thursday, August 25, 2016

Updates: Cheyenne, Doig, Emeralds and Otherwise

I don't know about your neck of the woods, but it's definitely getting a little chilly at night in Colorado. We're hearing that cold weather's coming early this year -- could it be true? It rained yesterday, the first prolonged moisture we've had in weeks. The Brick said he made a fire in the woodstove to celebrate, and the dogs crowded close. 

     I'm just glad we weren't out in the tent, shivering.

Every once in a while, updates are needed for subjects I've mentioned. Here are the latest:

I'm still in Cheyenne. It's been fun, and the quilts in this show are beautiful. Take a look at the photos throughout this post: the show's  open at the First United Methodist Church in downtown Cheyenne through Saturday! Specifics are here.

This beauty is Sue Frerich's "Arcadia Avenue:" Best of Show

Beautiful lovely peaches. I've got five boxes waiting -- two of them needing canning-- when I get home. Want to come help?

Donna Dolan's appliqued sailboats (a change - they're usually pieced)

Peter Doig wins.   I told you a few weeks ago about this strange case -- an artist being sued for refusing to authenticate a painting he maintained he didn't paint. The guy who owned it, and his partner, decided to FORCE Mr. Doig to admit he did it. (They then wanted to bank off Mr. Doig's name, and sell the painting for a substantial amount of money.)
     Problem was -- Doig said he wasn't in that part of the country. (Let alone in jail there, where the plaintiff bought the painting.) Even his mom testified that he wasn't there. The painting didn't look anything like his other work. The signature was different -- 'Peter Doige.'  And a Peter Doige WAS incarcerated in that prison...and was a painter.
     This should never have gone as far as Doig was forced to take it. I'll bet he paid a nice boatload of money to his lawyers for it. And apparently he didn't countersue for lawyers' fees. Too bad.

The chickens are laying...sort of. We lost two more of the ancient hens -- but at 5+ years old, that's to be expected. So far, they're still laying enough eggs for our use, and a 3-dozen sale to customers each week. But it's getting tighter and tighter.
     I need to clean out their coop before the weather gets colder. This week.

Sandy Farrell's version of "Fireweed"

Remember the emeralds found from a sunken treasure ship?
     Jay Miscovich discovered them -- but Mel Fisher's corporation laid claim, before switching and then arguing Miscovich was a crook. Miscovich ended up committing suicide...the emeralds disappeared...and some kind of settlement was struck for the investors' lawsuit that came in on the heels of all this brouhaha. (Details were kept secret. Go figure.)
    Now the Delaware legal firm, Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor LLP, that apparently represented Miscovich (so far as I can tell, anyways) has settled with the investors that sued them for more than $13 million. More specifics here about the initial lawsuit...but this one's going closed-mouth, as well.
    What makes this particularly interesting: Young Conaway tried everything they could think of to wriggle out of this, including threats, accusations of fraud and several requests to dismiss the lawsuit altogether. Didn't work, obviously.

This isn't an update, but it's a great story, nonetheless:  a 99-year-old veteran waiting for a train not only gets ushered to the front of the line, but one of the employees goes out of his way to honor him
Now that's respect.

The American Textile History Museum is now closed. It was one of the highlights of visiting Lowell, MA. What a shame.

Hope you're having a good week, too.

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