Friday, October 21, 2016


This is one of the stranger canine entries on the Weird-O-Meter  that I've come across...

A dog gets stuck in a tree trunk sometime in the Sixties, but isn't found until decades later, mummified and stiff as a board.

So what do the loggers who found him do? Cut the tree down, naturally, and feature this guy in a museum!    (Another take on this petrified hound dog is here.)

"Stuckie" can be viewed, tree trunk and all, at the Southern Forest World Museum and Environmental Center in Waycross, GA. You can see him up-close in this video:

(Don't be afraid to mute the sound, if need be -- the guy narrating can get a little silly.)

Interestingly, this isn't that uncommon: dog mummies are routinely found with burials -- more than 100 in Peru, so far. Hmmm...

...and millions in Egypt.

And so you don't have nightmares -- some happy dogs whose owners didn't mummify them!

Charley included...
Mom -- nobody's laying a paw on ME!

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