Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Report from North Dakota: There May Be More To This Story, Too!

Have you heard about protests over the proposed North Dakota pipeline?

Protestors there had dogs and pepper spray sicced on them by the Cops. The Big Mean Cops.

Quietly omitted: The protestors were given quite a while to vacate. (They were squatting on private property.) No guns were used...except for the one fired by a protestor. (Thankfully, he missed.) While they were 'leaving,' they also torched a million dollars or so of property.  The protest focused on putting a pipeline under land that already HAS another pipeline in place.
    Should I mention that a good many of the protestors have nothing to do with the Indian tribe -- and reservation -- this will be most affected by?

 All kind of left out of the news bites, huh...

A police officer had the opportunity to visit and see for himself.  His report is here -- just click. 

It's very enlightening.

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