Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas on Ice...Or Dirt

A snowglobe, like these, made out of a wineglass. Or a brandy snifter.

Choose any theme you like, from 'Frozen' to wildlife...all you need are the right figures, plus the glassware and a few simple ingredients.
    Hint: your local dollar store may have just what you need. I saw all kinds of figurines in there yesterday. 
         (My piano students were there, buying presents for their family members -- something we do each year, with lunch thrown in. They love it.)

The snowglobes come from this link, by the way. 

Based on our current status, Christmas might well be more dirt than snow. 
     I have been hot on the trail of a gift idea for Daughters #1 and #2, inspired by this:

Yes, you saw it earlier, on the stocking stuffers post.  A Bigfoot terrarium. (Like this one, via Bigfoot Base.)

or even a reaaalllyy tiny one, like this version from Etsy.

I told the Brick about my plans. He said, "Aren't you being a little nutty?"
      Well, yes. Yes, I am.  (I didn't even mention this stocking on Etsy.)

Turns out that you can even buy your own Bigfoot terrarium kit, for a tidy $38. Yow. Too rich for my blood, but it might be just what you need.
DIY Terrarium Kit // Bigfoot

Here's my plan:

     *I bought three wrestler figures from the dollar store -- one each, plus one for me.  I would have liked to get tiny Bigfoot ones, but figurines are expensive online. These were, predictably, a buck each.
          ( Don't mind me -- substitute dinosaurs or princesses. Do what YOU like. I'll explain in a bit.)

     *I'll spray the figures black. Each guy has long flowing hair and an aggressive stance. I figure it will work, if I repaint the eyes.

     *Next, a fishbowl or large beer mug. Depends on what I find out there at a reasonable price.

     *Add dirt, some moss, a few leaves from the jade plant I've been cultivating, plus whatever else I can find, greenswise, for the right effect.

Voila -- a present that just keeps giving back some of the grief they give me about the Big Guy

Yes, you could get this...but Daughters would think I was really weird if I did. (For that matter, so would I.)

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