Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Seven Fish Dishes...And I'm Beat

     I had big plans for how peaceful this week was going to be.

Well, forget that.

The Mama flew in Tuesday evening, fretting pretty much all the way about how awful the weather would be in Colorado. She almost sounded disappointed when she realized we've only got some skims of slushy snow here and there -- and the air is almost warm.

She has big hopes for one slambang storm while she's here -- and she may get her wish. We'd heard a big storm was moving in on Christmas Eve, but the forecast now says it will be clear as a bell -- but cold. Darn, darn, darn.

Our Seven Fish Dinner is in progress for Christmas Eve. Here's what's planned, so far:

Lobster Bisque   (canned condensed soup -- ironically, from the Dollar Store!)
Angels on Horseback   (oysters wrapped with bacon)
Spaghetti with Clam Sauce
Shrimp Scampi
some kind of tuna dish (still debating on this one)
Baked Salmon fillets with lemon-garlic sauce
Crab legs, possibly -- debating on this one, too.

Every few dishes, there will be a 'refresher:' either a blueberry smoothie, fresh fruit, a veggie platter or a green salad. We'll also have biscuits or rolls, and a cracker/cheese plate to go with the "angels." Otherwise, all that seafood gets too cloying.

Oh yes, and a nice bottle of wine, too. With coffee and Sachertorte for dessert.

We've been doing the Seven Fish Dishes for decades now -- it's one of the things Daughters #1 and #2 most look forward to. Check out the Christmas Goodies blog, and you'll see several versions. Fortunately, I don't have to sing or play for Christmas Eve services this year -- but The Brick does. Poor guy. (There are three.)

Don't even THINK about me being on the menu
   The Mama is full of plans for baking this and that -- which means I have to stay within shouting distance every five minutes to get whatever item she wants. Plus make immediate special trips to the store for whatever I don't have on hand. (Ma is not big on adapting or substituting.) This also means that whatever work I have to do -- and I still have some -- I'll have to drop every five minutes to get her what she needs. Oh joy. 
     I know very well that when she gets more adjusted to the altitude, she'll have even more plans -- and they will all involve ME. (It usually takes a couple of days -- we live at 6250 feet.)  Meanwhile, I get to hear all about this person who's devastated, and that person who's shocked...and all over silly stuff that I'm guessing they weren't shocked about, at all. Plus every accident, sickness and bad incidents that can be dredged up from the last six months. After all, I Might Know Them.

Do I sound discouraged? Yes, dears...I am, a little.

The tree's up. We have the cleanest under-bed area in the county. (The Brick got inspired after we cleaned out the floor in Daughter #1's room, then moved the guestroom bed in for The Mama's use.) A good 3/4 of the appraisals are done. I already took The Mama out to shop for stocking presents and such. We have nearly everything needed for the Seven Fish Dishes. The visit, so far though, is cordial, compared to a few months ago.

     And every step I take is like slogging through molasses. Why am I so exhausted?

Thanks for listening. It is the way it is. Mustn't grumble...

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Barbara said...

I hear you, Cindy. Just between you and me (and I know the Lord hears and understands), the ending of Christmas is a blessed relief.