Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wanna Get Crazy This Weekend?

    Come join me at the Nov/Dec meeting of the Colorado Quilt Council, my home guild.

I'll be speaking about the amazing world of Crazy quilts -- their history, connections with other quilt styles, and most of all, their incredible ability to act as a memory album of their makers' thoughts, beliefs and objects of love.

Here's the specifics -- click on this link.

The guild meeting is Dec. 3; meeting is at:

15771 E 1st Ave, Aurora, CO 80011

Meeting starts around 10 a.m. -- my lecture begins about 11.
(There is an admission fee -- but it's not much.)


I'm also teaching a class the next day on making Crazies.

"Going Crazy: Color, Fabric & Embellishments" will be:

   9:00 am to 3:30 pm (1/2 hour lunch)   Community Room, Aurora Fire Station #2,  12600 Hoffman Blvd, Aurora
Members $55      Non-members $75

(I'll be using my book Crazy Quilts as a foundation -- look at pages here.)

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