Sunday, February 12, 2017

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Foyled Again

It's been a quiet catch-up week, with lots of appraisal work. While the rest of the country's had snow, our part of Colorado has been warm and dry as a bone. In fact, Denver and Colorado Springs had recordbreaking high temps -- enough for people to think about gardens and sunbathing again. 
     The cold came back yesterday with a vengeance, and a scraping of snow. We need more snow!

This flu still is not completely gone. We go for 3 or 4 days feeling fine...then the tiredness and sore throat reappears, along with nausea and wobblyness. A few days later, it's gone again, and the process repeats. We're still down to one vehicle, so when the Brick is driving bus down south, I stay home. 
      That's not so bad, if you're not feeling that great.

We've really been enjoying catching up with another series:  Foyle's War. This WWII British detective comedy/drama is very subtle...but grows on you. It's good to work by, as well.
     Here's the first episode, if you're curious.

Monkeys and dogs show a preference for people, based on how they (the humans) treat others.  The animals prefer those with "cooperative tendencies," as the article puts it.  Hmmm...  (From New Scientist)

Found money... from an expert at doing just that.  (Thanks, Surviving and Thriving)

Chocolate almond cheesecake bites.  Perfect for Valentine's Day!  (From Betty Crocker)

Shop the 'wrong' department to get a better price! A cousin taught me to do this for polo shirts and t-shirts. She always went to the men's department first. Works for sweaters, too.  (From Pretend to Be Poor)

Looking for money in all the right places.  A classic from yours-truly.

Is the Metropolitan Museum of Art in trouble?   Thomas Hoving would be shocked. Or maybe not.

Weird things famous people said before dying.

"Rain, rain, go away."  ("Just prior to writing this, it rained nearly two straight weeks.") From Inside the Box, the guy who lives secretly in a semi-truck.

Flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  (From Hundred Dollars A Month)

"Help me decide how to pay off $185,000 in student loans."  A reader case study from The Frugalwoods.

Cleaning secondhand shoes. Good basic tips here. (From Look What I Found!)

Double chocolate rebel cookies. Oh my. These can be made gluten-free, if you want to -- or not.
             (From Living Well Spending Less)

Seven lessons learned from a short sale.  (Thanks for sharing an uncomfortable truth, Making Sense of Cents)

When your mate is unemployed - or underemployed.  (From Harvest Lane Cottage)

Twenty-one photographs that really make you wonder... what's up with that?

A 'teeny tiny' Greenwich Village studio -- 200 feet.  (From Apartment Therapy)

Ten biggest mistakes in history...from the viewpoint of commenters on the Internet. (Trump's election is not one of them, by the way. Just thought I'd mention that.)

Secrets of a (tv) home dec stylist.  Although I still think that wallpaper is kind of weird... (From Oh Joy!)

Ten funny dog-and-car commercials:  Hey, why not. Life's short.

Have a great week.

Castle Rock, sunset

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