Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Lonesome Bluegrass Blues

     The Brick left yesterday morning for something he's always wanted to try: a week's worth of playing mandolin, getting classes and learning new tricks. Bluegrass Camp, it's called, in Levelland, Texas. Friend Mike went along, to take banjo lessons. The guys will room together, play together...and basically enjoy the heck out of themselves all week long. 
    As for me, I get a chance to keep odd hours, eat out of cans, sleep in the middle of a pile of dogs...and hopefully get a lot of work done. But it's already too quiet, without this quiet man around.
    Son #1 is here periodically, working on the bathroom renovation. There's Charley, Abby, Karma (our granddog) and the chickens. So I'm not alone.
      I still miss the Brick.

This blog has been passing 5500 hits fairly regularly this month, and headed toward 6000 -- whoo hoo!  Thank you, Gentle Readers, for your kind attention. Thank you especially for your thoughtful remarks regarding the importance of courtesy and respect. 

Did you realize today is the anniversary of the Romanov family's assassination? Ninety-nine years ago. (I didn't, either)

We may be starting to stem the tide in the mice invasion. Three little guys got snapped this week; we'e hoping for more. (Son #1 said he would take off the current mousetrap crop for me -- yuck.)

"My favorite non-neutral paint colors."   (By Emily Henderson)

The new girls -- a chicken story.   (From Our New Life in the Country)

The 'official' climate change numbers have been extended -- into the next century. Turns out the predictions aren't jibing so well with actual numbers. Like Al Gore's prediction in 2004 that the Polar ice cap would be gone by now. (It isn't. Oopsies.)

Perfume and Spam -- my favorite.  (From Messynessychic's '13 Things I Found on the Internet Today.')

16 emergency dinners -- 35 minutes or less. Betty Crocker to the rescue.

Five years after early retirement -- what's been learned.  (From Retire At 40. Which, based on his photo, is just what he did.)

Keeping yourself clean while camping. (From Thrifty Mom in Boise)

How in the world did a strange detective series like "Monk," OCD included, ever come to life? Now you'll know.

The privilege -- opportunity, if you will -- of being able to pursue financial independence. Think smarts, education (self-educated counts) and determination. (Or what we would call 'sheer pigheadedness.') Thanks, Frugalwoods, for pointing this out.

An easy Pineapple Cake decoration.  (From Crazy for Crust)

Insiders' responses to the 2017 Emmy nominations.

"Don't thank me for my military service!"  An interesting 'Ask Prudie' post.

A kid in Colorado wakes up to crunching sounds, and a bear trying to drag him out of his tent. In Ward, not far from where Daughter #2 and Son #1 are!  (The kid lived, fortunately.)

Two states start requiring work, volunteer hours or job training for being able to get food stamps -- and enrollment magically declines more than 50%. Go figure!

Ten odd discoveries in storage units. There are some weird ones here, guys...from Listverse. Plus: ten discoveries made in people's backyards. Also from them:

Ten still-unsolved mysteries from the art world. Did you know, for example, that there are THREE Mona Lisa's, at the very least? Probably more out there -- and while we're at it:

Ten interesting Antiques Roadshow appraisals.  (From Mashable)

Saving at restaurants -- with kids or without.  (Thanks, My Abundant Life)

Ten nasty facts history somehow disregarded. (From Viral Top)

A son's sad that his mom didn't sell anything at a craft fair...see what happens.

100+ FREE quilt blocks. Thanks, American Quilter's Society. Also, they've got an interesting how-to on creating a block containing your fabric memories. (They call it a 'color portfolio.')

A very funny father-daughter wedding dance.

(The Brick, incidentally, says he is not going to do this at Daughter #2's upcoming wedding. No way.)

Sixteen things you must eat at Disneyland.  They're that good!  (From Crazy for Crust)

Have a good week. Listen to some bluegrass, for the Brick's sake.

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