Saturday, July 8, 2017

The World's Favorite Color -- Or So 'They' Say

Wanna know the newest color most favored by the world?

Marrs Green.

At least that's according to a survey conducted by British paper company G.F. Smith. This shade of teal, with blue-green notes, was inspired by the hills of Scotland. (The shade was originally nominated by Annie Marrs of Dundee, Scotland.)


It IS pretty. But I never got the memo.  Did they ask you to vote?

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Barbara said...

Beautiful. Looks especially good here in Florida. But it's not in my home decorating palette. I've got a lot invested with the 'country' colors of mustard yellow, barn red, blue, and some kind of green other than Mars ... etc.

And no, they didn't ask me.

Thanks for the information, Cindy!

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