Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Stiff-Kneed...Hopefully not Stiffnecked

     Charley the dog, in all his 125-pound glory, decided to take a shortcut to his breakfast bowl...putting his full weight on my knee.
     Which means I've been hobbling to work at Tuesday Morning, not to mention doing errands, etc. etc. I gimp along gingerly, until the joint loosens up and I can limp a little faster. Hot baths and stretching help.
      Sunday morning, our choir and Worship Team sang -- the Brick and I are on both. It was just wonderful trying to climb the steps up and down the platform, plus stand there behind the keyboard for both services. Almost as fun as standing by the cash register for hours at TM.
     Ah well. Mustn't grumble. The knee, thankfully, is getting better. 

    Charley didn't even apologize. how about bending that knee over to my foodbowl stat? I think it's empty. 
The Bible keeps talking about 'stiffnecked people' who don't pay attention. Hopefully, stiff-kneed isn't the same thing.

Ten artifact hunters who hit it big.  And some now regret it... (From Listverse)

Royal Marine -- and secret IRA terrorist. How he was caught.

'Which of these three paintings was the best investment?' An interesting  comparison -- though frankly, I would not have purchased any of them.  (From Artnet)

A man bursts into flame on a London street. How did it happen?? No one knows for sure, so far...but spontaneous combustion is a real possibility.

Remember my post about the chicken who plays Puccini?  A coworker at TM swears that we have windchimes which play a theme from Madame Butterfly. We were too busy this afternoon, for me to investigate. More on this soon.

A wreath of good Christmas posts, from food to gifts.  (From one of my favorite bloggers, Thrifty Mom in Boise)

Fifteen photos of Prince William and his family.  One of the few royals who honestly seems like an everyday Nice Guy. (Here's my vote, world, for his ascending the throne, instead of his dad. Although I still wonder how Britain can afford a monarch who seemingly doesn't do much but act as a PR person. We've got enough trouble with just one president.)

Ten gift ideas, for the teacher in your lifeNot to mention other people...(From Brad's Deals)

An interview with the Chameleon -- a man who has pretended hundreds of times to be lost and missing boys. (And gotten away with it -- for a while, at least.) Does he regret his deceptions? What do you think?

The true story of Dunkirk, as seen from the decks of the Medway Queen.  (Thanks, Smithsonian)

What have you gotten for free and/or cheap lately? A classic from yours truly.

Ten odd Christmas characters.  Including our friend the Pooper, not to mention his/her other buddies at the Nativity.  (From Listverse)    Plus:

Ten instances where drones helped with archeological finds.  This is in honor of Son #1, who just got one for his birthday...

A very unusual Christmas tree. See my previous post for others

A young boy moans about being bullied, how unfair it all is, etc. etc. The video was posted by his mom -- and nearly $57,000 (not to mention a boatload of comments, reviews, etc.) is raised.
    That's great... right?
    However, Keaton Jones' video has some interesting side issues.  Mom is shown on Facebook waving a Confederate flag. Normally, I wouldn't have a gigantic problem with that -- I'm one in a big family of Southerners, after all, and it could be just Southern pride. But Dad just happens to be an avowed white supremacist who's in jail for violating probation after being convicted for aggravated assault.
     The money's been frozen until the Powers That Be can figure things out. (As of this writing, it's still sitting, waiting for disbursement.) Meanwhile, Keaton and his mom continue to say that they're not rascist...why would anyone think that?
Here's his initial video:

plus comments by Keaton and mom -- you decide.

A holographic French art exhibit you have GOT to see. (This popped on my Facebook page, from one of my friends there.) Be sure to click on the video when you access the link.

Five incredible historic items (and discoveries) found randomly.  (From Cracked) Rank this up with:

Eight incredible discoveries people kind of bumbled onto.  Including the lady with Jackson Pollock drip painting found at a thrift store. I knew there were questions about it...but didn't realize that a fingerprint on the painting had been authenticated as from Pollock. That changes things!

Have a good -- and not too busy -- week.

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