Sunday, February 11, 2018

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Tucson, Yuma...and Flu

One of the West's great rock and gem shows happens in Tucson, AZ in late January and early February. The city is full of everything from standard conferences under white tents, to people vending out of their hotel hippies selling stuff by the roadwide. It's an amazing, confusing, wonderful experience. 
    Unfortunately, they were passing out something else this time, along with the Ethiopian opals and crystals -- some of the most horrendous flu I've ever experienced.

Daughter #2, along with Son #1, likes to make an annual trip to find inventory for her Etsy business, Phenomenal Gems.  The Brick and I go along when we can...we love spending time with them, and our own rock collection is growing. This year, we tacked on a few extra days to meet Son #1's grandma in Yuma. 

After a day in Yuma (and a chance to visit the Territorial Prison Museum, which was fascinating), I started to feel strange. By suppertime, I was running a high fever and literally could not keep my eyes open. Whatever generous soul shared the flu with me, gave it to the Brick, as well. (Or maybe I shared it. I hope not.)
     We spent the next few days sleeping -- and slept pretty much all the way home, as well. (Daughter #2 and Son #1 didn't get their little 'present,' and have remained unscathed, thank God. They drove us home.)
    We made it just in time -- after days of  dryness here, a big snowstorm moved in the day after we staggered home.
     For nearly a week now, we've had fevers more than we haven't. Coughing fits. Weakness. (My fingers have been shaking some, just typing this.) Congestion, and all the other accessories that have gone with this nasty stuff. I've been living on milk, tea, juice, toast and a little soup. Just not hungry. Not thinking clearly, either. Whoever is strongest at the time, lets the dog out, picks up the paper (or milk), heats the soup and makes the coffee. (Most of the time, sadly, that's meant the Brick.)
    The rest is helping some. And the fever doesn't seem to spike as high as it did. I am hopeful that life will get better. (And hopefully Son #1's grandma will not think I'm a lazy slug!)
    Monday Stuff is a little sparse this week, as a result. It will improve next time.

an earlier snowstorm....with darling Abby, who we still miss

Emily Bode -- doing her part to commemorate quilt history by cutting up antique textiles. Many, I'm guessing, were perfectly good before she changed them into jackets and such. (Which would argue that she has not preserved them at all -- but destroyed them.) If she's just using damaged textiles that would otherwise be thrown away, well... but those garments, by their size, suggest that's not true.
    I've got more to say on this subject...coming up this week, folks.

Unethical, just plain cheap -- or both?  A classic from yours  truly.

Tom Brady's message after the Patriots lost the Superbowl -- incredibly kind and gracious.

Opening ceremony highlights from the Winter Olympics.

Ten unusual finds discovered by people during their everyday activities.  (From Listverse)

Have a better week, than we've been having!

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Becky Gepford said...

I've only had it that bad once in my was memorable! I'm glad you are recovering. Both my husband and 1 daughter did seem to have it badly a few weeks ago--it is nasty this year!

Cindy Brick said...

'Memorable:' that's a good word to describe it, Becky!

thanks much for writing.

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