Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I Am Happy to Announce...

We have a signed contract on 3700 Collins St.! 

And it was achieved by God's grace (primarily), a lot of "coincidences" that just happened to fall into place...and a little of what the Brick calls "horse trading." A last-minute problem solved - not in a fun way, but solved.

Thank God -- and I mean that. Literally.

We were pretty frustrated when the first contract fell through.

This one, though, seems a lot more solid. 
 By God's grace, we'll close on the sale Sept. 17.

We celebrated by going to see Hobbs & Shaw, then splurging on popcorn AND a drink. (Hey, we broke Hollanders know how to have a good time.) 

Another stride in the right direction!

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Barbara said...

Praise the Lord and congratulations. This is a happy time for you!