Friday, October 31, 2008

A Very Strange Blog


I've bumbled across one of the weirder blogs out there -- Robert Frank's "Wealth Report," a regular look at the wealthy and their favorite things. (courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.)

Here's my favorite: a very expensive watch that does not tell time. (It shows you whether it's day or night, instead. No, I am not making this up.) Supposedly the watch contains metal from the Titanic, as well as other interesting materials.
Oh, and it's already sold out. At $300,000 a pop.

Whew! I can offer a new watch made of old bits and pieces from quilts -- do you think that would sell?

Take a look at other goodies in the blog...including frequent posts that rich people are not unaffected by this current economic downturn. On the contrary...

Have a good to you tomorrow.

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