Saturday, January 10, 2009

Act LIke A Millionaire...Even if You Aren't

Get first-class treatment on a pauper's budget...these are intriguing tips from Lazy Man With Money:

I'd add another -- dress as if you're making more money. Our local thrift shop has been the source of many "expensive" bargains, including my alpaca sweater and a leather jacket with a huge fur collar. I add black jeans, a nice turtleneck, gold hoop earrings (small, but the real thing) and a pair of hand-stitched tan and black cowboy boots purchased at a going-out-of-business sale. (Polish the boots for extra confidence.) The result: a look that's gotten me safely through the snootiest situations.

The latest will be our anniversary trip to the Oxford Hotel in Denver. Its antique furniture and print-filled halls have seen many famous people...and its price reflects that. ($249-$550, depending on which day you're headed there.) What did we pay? $52.80 a night, thanks to a yearly special connected to Denver's "5280" status in altitude. (Read more about it here, and plan for next year! )

I plan on stepping blithely into the Oxford's lobby as if I were a millionairess. Look for me in the lobby by the fireplace, not far from Wazee the canary:

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Anonymous said...

What a great post! Very true, you can act as though you have class no matter what your income! That hotel looks lovely!