Monday, January 26, 2009


Recently laid off? Tom and Daria Dolan, national financial columnists who call themselves "The First Family of Personal Finance," have good advice for someone else in your position. Go to:

...and click on the Dolans' column. (This post is from 1/23 .)

Frugal Babe is having fun considering all the weird jobs she and friends have ever tried, including her friend's job: counting dead sheep for the Division of Wildlife. I am not making this up...go see:

She was inspired by Budgets Are Sexy's amazing list, culled from blogs everywhere:

Let's see...I've had a lot of jobs, but most were pretty basic. Many included some kind of secretarial skills. (Typing brings back the scent of English Leather, which my immensely suave Typing Skills high school teacher was fond of wearing. Man, I'd type anywhere for that man...)

But I also sold apples at a stand; cleaned toilets for a church (while arguing theology with my fellow janitor); taught rock climbing; and made cotton candy (for Wal-Mart). Oh yes...I was a roofer!

See? Bo-ring...

How about you? What kind of strange jobs have you done?

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J. Money said...

cleaning toilets?! oh're a better person than I ;) Thx for the shout out!

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