Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's Resolutions...Now

The last post covered 2008...what are my new year's goals for 2009?

*FINISH the two books-in-progress.
*Increase my major conference teaching gigs. They're big, noisy and exciting...and teaching several classes or lectures in a few days is vastly rewarding.
*Somehow keep Mom and Dad entertained and comforted during these last months of Dad's life.
*Add photos successfully to this's much easier to do on the website, but not here.
*Add links ditto.
*Reorganize the Brickworks inventory area. (It's a mess down there. We plan to hold a Grand Garage Sale online in February, so this would be a good opportunity to get everything cleaned up.)
*Write a letter, postcard or note to the folks, as well as both girlies, at least once every other week.
*Call the people mentioned above (plus work in brothers and sisters) at least once every other week. (Every other day or two for the folks and girlies.)
*Clean out the garage. (It suffers badly from packrat-itis.) Ditto the house.
*Save $15 extra every single week for the emergency fund.

There -- that oughta keep me busy!

(or maybe I should just take Kevin's approach and "just wake up:" )

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Anonymous said...

What great resolutions/goals! Good Luck!