Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Not-Halloween!

What do you do with your leftover Halloween candy? Frugal Upstate and buddies have been discussing this. Their options include crushing it and using the 'crumbles' to top cakes; decorating gingerbread houses; and so on.
I was surprised no one mentioned what I do with it (assuming I've got some, that is): fill in extra spots in Christmas stockings. (the weird eyeballs, lips, etc. are especially appreciated.)

This year, we had no trick or treaters. Yes, you read that right -- zero, zip, nada. There aren't a lot of kids in the neighborhood, to start with, and it was pretty chilly out.
I've had fun watching some of the classic horror flicks showing lately, though -- The Fog and The Shining (both Stephan King) are favorites. A very sexy version of Dracula (with Frank Langella, of all people!) ranks up there now, too. (The sex is pretty much implied, except for the obligatory cleavage. Even the guy shows some chest! The only freaky part -- taking in account, the general weirdness you get with any Dracula movie, that is --Dracula says "gooood eve-n-ing" about nine hundred bazillion times. And seems to be doing it seriously every single time!)

* * * *
I am happy to say that Quilts #1 and #2 went out the door, happily ensconced in their caretaker's arms this weekend. I got about 45 min. of sleep last night, but it was worth it. Now on to finish up the next project: a larger quilt version of Hanky Panky, done in neutrals. And on to teach at the Grand Junction, CO guild next Wednesday. (Judging is on Thursday, and appraisals on Friday and Saturday.)

Now on to finish up some dishes, while the Godfather keeps us company. (AMC has been showing all three Godfather movies today -- amazing. I'd never seen any. They're better than I figured, though you have to get used to the idea that if someone says no, does something rebellious, or gets caught cheating or doing something stupid, they're pretty much dead.)

Then on to blissful sleep.

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