Monday, December 28, 2009

Eating From Your Pantry In January!

Money Saving Mom has a new challenge -- can you concoct meals primarily from your pantry for the month of January? It doesn't mean giving up fresh items like eggs, milk and such -- but limiting your visits to the grocery store to 3 per month (in Mom's case). She's challenged others to take it on too, making up their own variations as they go.

Husband eyed the umpteenth Safeway bag I dragged home tonight and said, "Aren't you spending a lot of money?" (I'd already been to Kohl's, Target and Michael's -- but little did he know I spent less than $5 at K's, and about $45 each at the other two.) Granted, I was shopping for a New Year's Day catering gig...but it got me to thinking. Why not try MSMom's challenge, too?

So here's the plan. I will visit grocery stores no more than 3 times in January. (Two, if I can get away with it.) I will purchase no more than $50 worth of stuff, and rely on my freezer, cupboards and pantry the rest of the time.
   In fact, if at all possible, I will visit other stores only twice this coming month -- period. I don't need any stuff, thanks to Christmas stocking. (The one exception to this 'rule' will be Target's 75% and 90% off Christmas sale items. Lordy, they have good bargains then...)

As God is my witness, we will not go hungry!
(Oops, channeling Scarlett O'Hara for a moment there.)

There will be weekly updates, recipes and such. Want to try your own version of this challenge? You're welcome to join in!

And don't miss MSMom's enlightening post on living poor during law school -- it reminds what's most important in life.


Coupon Teacher said...

You can do it!

JusFrugal said...

Good luck with the challenge! My husband tends to say that to me often too (until he sees my receipts). But I'm up for the challenge and I'm ready to dive in starting tomorrow... Happy New Year!

Cindy Brick said...

Thanks, both of you! I'm looking forward to it...

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