Monday, April 19, 2010

Well, I Feel That Way on Mondays, Too...

Oops, Discovery is late. Overcast skies and rain have delayed the space shuttle's landing until tomorrow -- early, around sunrise EST. If you're in that select handful of Midwestern/Heartland states (see my post last night), you still may be able to see it go streaking across the sky. Wish I could...darn it. 

Oh, and George Washington owes a boatload of overdue fines. He borrowed two books more than 220 years ago from the New York Library Society, and never returned them. Bad boy! 

A beautiful day here -- and almost perfectly still. Perfect for putting in rosebushes and tomato plants. Yes, tomatoes -- I am not a moron. I know they could freeze. I've got my secret weapon, though: Wall O Water covers that surround the plants and keep them warm. The rest of the planting will be your typical cool temps stuff: spinach, peas and onions. Can't wait until it gets warmer!

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