Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Do A Fiver -- Win A Package!

Here are some "fivers" to get you started:
     *Five things you like about summer
     *Five facts that might surprise people who know you
     *Five of your favorite movies

And since I started it, here goes:

Summer -- gardening (especially flowers), Rocky Ford muskmelon, iced coffee, suntans and outdoor swimming pools

Five facts -  I used to teach rockclimbing
                   I once saw a New Orleans-style funeral
                              on a main street in Romania
                   I could join the DAR
                   I'm a huge "Cheers" fan
                             ("King of Queens"  runs a close second)
                   I was adopted

Five movies -- Raiders of the Lost Ark, Pride and Prejudice (that Mr. Darcy!), The Upside of Anger, The Postman and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.

Now it's your turn!

1 comment:

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Love this fabric! I would, of course, make a quilt! lol Going to try some fives...
Movies - Michael, Harry & Tonto, The Lake House, Shrek and A Walk in the Clouds
Summer - the smell of suntan lotion, the lake, flowers, meadowlarks, lilacs
Me - I live in a church we have remodeled; I have a pet sheep; I work running a campground four months of the year and live in my trailer; I love Stephen King books; I am a Coronation Street fan.

That was fun! lol

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