Thursday, June 16, 2011

It All Has to Happen On The Same Day

I"m a working stiff all day at our friends' insurance office this week. While I'm here, two Servpro guys (later, 5 total) are tearing out the main area of the basement...the carpet, the wallboard, everything. Then this afternoon, it's on (for me, at least) to the concert in Pueblo, which will last into the late hours of the night. Then it's a 1 1/2-hour drive home..and start over again tomorrow.
    Joyous, huh? At least the Servpro guys are actively working. It gets old, this patiently waiting business.

While I'm running around, consider this interesting post on keeping your head above water, even when you're struggling. Oops, my ride to Pueblo just showed up. I'll be back tomorrow...

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