Monday, June 6, 2011

It's A New Week - Whew

Good news.  The plumber is actually fixing the pipe that caused all the problems downstairs! (Bad pipe. baaaad pipe...)
   The 'jet engines' downstairs are actually doing some good -- it's a bit drier, and doesn't smell as bad. It's still not fun, schlepping the quilts, upstairs, but I don't feel so much like I'm wading through swampland.

Now later...
     The plumber finished his job (thanks, Keith) and showed me the offending pipe -- our troubles were all caused by a three-inch bulged out slit. Go figure.
    Back to washing sheets, putting away boxes...and life. It's going to be a crazy week. Husband has been playing in a band formed by his bus driver friends, and I've been singing in it, as well. We're slated to play for the annual Transportation shindig down in Pueblo on the 16th...that means two practices this week, and probably two more before the 16th.
     Add Bible Study and Worship Team to the mix, and four nights of this week are already spoken for. We'll get through the next few weeks -- including the time the downstairs wallboard and carpet start getting ripped out and hauled away -- but it's going to be weird.

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