Saturday, June 25, 2011

Subscribe to Agnes...Quick!

This girlie is the eternal optimist...and a little weird. She lives in a trailer park with her "gramma," a hard-working sort, generally shown in a bathrobe, who loves her newspaper and a cup of coffee. Agnes' friend Trout (yes, that's her name) keeps her on the balanced side -- so do her 'boyfriend' Bob, regular visits to the principal's office, and an interesting propensity to wear a cheetah costume at the drop of a hat.
   I love Agnes dearly. You can too, with a daily subscription to Tony Cochran's Agnes. Go here to subscribe... long live the optimists!

This strip just seemed apropos to our basement quandaries:

(btw, for us vision-challenged types, click on it to read it in a bigger version.)

Or maybe this organizational post will do the trick. (Thanks, Piece O'Cake.)

I couldn't sleep until 3:30 a.m., but things are more cheerful today. Husband's e-mail is intact -- he'd been downloading it daily. He was just frustrated because he hadn't finished the forwarding addresses yet. He's speaking to me, which is a pleasure. And life goes on, doesn't it...

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