Saturday, December 10, 2011

Filling Christmas Stockings

Only a few weeks until Christmas -- how can that be? Some rummaging in the gift closet reminds me to double-check on stocking contents. At the Brick's house, what's in the Christmas stocking is nearly as important as what's under the tree. I spend much of the year hunting for little goodies for the Brick and the girlies, as well as Angel's long-time boyfriend Keith.
    This year, I tried something new for the Mama's stocking. Since I was going to be there early, because of my uncle's funeral, I brought her stocking and contents with -- but this time, I got enough that she could open one present a day, with a pile still left for Christmas morning. She has been giving her grandchildren a December's worth of presents (one little one a day); now she can enjoy it, too.

An earlier post will tell you what I look for in stocking stuffers. Plump Stocking has some wonderful ideas...but even better are the many stories that explain why people choose what they do. (Usually it's based on an event or memory in past years, remembered again with affection.)

Life As Mom also has some good stocking stuffer suggestions, with links to recipes for homemade bath salts and peppermint hot cocoa. (The latter brings back memories of Sheilah Graham's Beloved Infidel, the story of her life, including her great love, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Graham lived in an orphanage for years, and loved chocolate -- but rarely got any. She solved the problem by swiping handfuls of cocoa and sugar from the kitchen's stock, hiding them in her bloomers, then chewing them together. Gritty, but satisfying, if you can't get your hands on the bar stuff, I guess.)

I can't tell you much about the girlies' stocking contents -- they read this blog now and then, the stinkers! But they're big fans of imported cookies, chocolates and drinks. Whenever I find those on sale, I buy a couple and stash them away. A gift card or two may also find its way in, as well.


Joline said...

Hi Cindy,

The Stockings are the best! Merry Christmas. I am sure your Mom loved having you around for a while. The Piano? How long did you have to stand in line to get all these talents? Joline

Cindy Brick said...

Joline, you've got a boatload of talent yourself -- I saw that, standing in your house, not to mention the Barn. And you keep Neil happy, as well!
Merry Christmas to you too, friend. Thanks for writing.

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