Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh, For A Knight in Shining Armor...

Fred Goodwin's lost his knighthood.

The former head of  the Royal Bank of Scotland goofed up -- bigtime. The bank's in trouble. Goodwin retired quickly. (And got his 600,000 pound-plus pension cut in half. Poor guy.)
    And now, thanks to the brouhaha from customers and deposit-holders, Her Majesty decided to take his knighthood back. 

He joins a small list of other 'formers,' including a race car driver, Anthony Blunt (a well-known art historian and distant relative of the Queen, who just happened to be spying for Russia), a former world boxing champion... and the president of Zimbabwe. All had royal honors stripped away for untoward actions.

Makes you wonder what Her Highness would do to Newt Gingrich, Joe Nacchio, Rod Blagojevich or Bill Clinton, if only she could get her royal hands on them. 

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