Friday, March 30, 2012

Burning Issues

Well, it's getting better, fire-wise, here in Colorado -- but a heck of a lot of acreage (and houses) went up in flames before it started calming down. Two people (friends of friends) died, as well. (They were actually all packed and ready to go -- then he went back in the garage to get something. They never made it out.)
    We're supposed to get more wind this weekend, so the firefighters are trying hard to get the fire contained before then.
    Here's a slideshow of what's going on, as well as video footage from this family, who drove with flames shooting out on the side of the road. Frightening.

Guess how this fire started? From a 'controlled' burn set by the U.S. Forest Service.
    Let's see. We've had our driest March ever. High winds were forecast in the near future. (We get these a lot in the spring, anyways.) And the U.S. Forest Service decides to do a controlled burn.
    Smart, huh?

Other burning issues around here are Colorado's Mega Millions lottery: it's currently up to $640 million. People who never buy lottery tickets are doing so now. Friend Tommy dropped by and was all chirked up: he'd gotten 3 Mega Millions tickets, and 2 quick-picks, for a total of $7. One of the quick-picks paid off $70! "So I'm ahead already." I told him he had to buy us supper if he won. "Breakfast, lunch AND supper," he said.

Have a good weekend yourself. And no fires.

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