Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff

It's the most blowy day you could ask for on a Monday washday. The clothes on the line are desperately trying to fly to Kansas, and the dogs are halfway through their nine hundredth "I'm the boss" tussle. Time to wander around the Internet...hey, I'm doing 'research!'

More people are waiting to file bankruptcy until after they get their tax refund. (The article implies it's because filing fees have gone up -- but I wonder if they just want to keep the $$ for themselves, instead of their creditors.)

Human gene patenting -- and health care. The U.S. Supreme Court just struck down a ruling that said human genes can be patented, specifically two genes linked to breast cancer. (These, say the justices, fall under the 'act of nature' category, so can't be regulated.) Keep an eye on the Supreme Court in the next few days -- they're debating on the constitutionaltiy of the national healthcare plan

Ghost Ship: A Japanese fishing vessel, lost off Hokkaido, Japan during last year's tsunami, was found floating near British Columbia. (Shades of the Mary Celeste. Where has it been all this time?)

The AQS prizewinning quilts from the Lancaster show. (Oh my, these are nice.)

How many people can you cram into a phone booth? Or a Volkswagen? Thirteen people jammed into the high school shop teacher's closet once -- I was in the middle somewhere. (Don't ask.)

Is being greedy actually costing you money in the long run? The Tight Fisted Miser thinks so.

Did Gwyneth Paltrow really write her own cookbook? She thinks so -- but this cookbook ghostwriter does not. A lot of celebrities -- Martha Stewart included -- don't always write their own books. Contribute, yes. Write, no.
     Stewart's first book, Entertaining, not only was ghostwritten, but culled recipes from other sources, as well. Guess she thought no one would notice. See here for more. Ironically, Food Network dessert show host Anne Thornton was just fired -- for plagiarizing Martha!

Frugal Babe's griping about our habit of griping. Honestly, I have seen more sour grapes remarks under the comforting cloak of 'anonymous' these past few days...

And, from yours truly, posts on investing in books (I just sold a book on Amazon for $16.95 that I bought for a buck) as well as cheaper flights the Spirited way. (As much as a third of other airlines!)

The first daffodils are finally out around here... they (and spring) are most welcome.

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