Sunday, March 11, 2012


Boy, it's been a trudge.

I got back late Friday from a few days in Granby with the Peaks n' Pines Quilt Guild. (Hi guys! I had a great time!) It was fun...but I've been dragging ever since.

Maybe it's the time change.

Maybe it's the time spent cleaning. (It was getting pretty grubby around here, what with Charley shedding and all the dust kicking up.)

Maybe it's spring.

We went and saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie tonight -- and I fell asleep right at the critical scene in the munitions factory. (Apparently not enough explosions were going off.) Friend Chris, who generally sleeps through most movies, snoozed through the entire thing. (She's become a walking review. Her friends will say, "Such-and-such movie is Really Great -- Chris didn't go to sleep at all!")

A snack helped...sort of. Maybe I just need sleep.

Off to go get it. Talk to you tomorrow.

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