Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On...

That's been this week's theme: Get Your Work Done, and worry about the other stuff later.

I've failed miserably. 

Sure, I've kept up with the everyday stuff -- and the house doesn't even look too bad.

 Appraisals are caught up; even did one late last night for a client and her husband on the way to Idaho. (They got stuck in New Mexico because of the snow, and didn't manage to get here until late.)

(Speaking of snow -- we got it, too. But the 3+ inches melted fast. Only a few traces left.)

Got the crown finished up. (This silly tooth is now up to about $2400, thanks to the crown and a root canal before it. Not to mention putting up with jokes from the family about royalty, 'Your Highness,' and so on. They think they're being terribly funny. Sigh.)

Bills are paid. I don't know how, but we had a surplus this month. (Whew)

Orders are up to date. Business work generally ok (other than taxes). This is remarkable in itself, since my staffers have been off for the past few weeks, and it's just been yours truly.

Piano and voice students have been accommodated. Made it to all the practices, too.

Sent a check to the man whose fence I creamed. (He kindly only charged materials & labor-- $150 - what a relief.)

Haven't gotten sick...but not sleeping well, either. Neither is the Brick. (Is it the time change??)

Kept up with posting here -- and elsewhere. (Started writing for a new blog: Penny Thots. Go take a look!) Didn't realize how difficult this would be, to keep things going, day after day, week after week. So many blogs start hearty, then fade into the sunset. Like this one, which began with a tale of job loss, and ended up just blurring out... (Too bad, I was just getting interested.)

Taxes are looming  -- and a ton of restoration work has to be finished up.
The basement still has to be painted, and things put away. (We'll start on that Sunday...)

 And this week has four different services the Brick and I have singing/playing responsibilities for. (Including a funeral for our friend Esther.) Easter week is difficult for Christians, because it reminds so strongly of Christ's sacrifice -- and what that really entailed. It's tougher when you have to keep your voice steady.

Maybe I'm doing better than I thought. I did not realize how many balls I kept up in the air these past few weeks...until I started writing it down. Yes, a few balls slipped -- but most are still up and spinning around.

Easter dinner won't be too fancy, except for ham and hot cross buns -- but it will be good. (A bottle of wine always helps; so does peanut butter fudge ice cream.) The other things will get done, somehow. I just need to hang in there...

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