Thursday, June 21, 2012

An Interview with Octomom

I have a deep, dark secret to confess. 

I am curious about Octomom.

Nadya Suleman is the mother of 14 kids -- the last 8, all at once. She's pretty, in a big-eyed, big-chested sort of way. She looks reasonably intelligent.
      So why did she have all those kids?

Her reason: she was 'self-medicating with babies.'

According to her, she hates all this media attention. And she saved for years to be able to afford in-vitro fertilization. (Oops, that's not exactly true -- she eventually admitted to borrowing to get that money.)

Maybe you saw her 'intervention' last year on the Oprah show, with Suze Orman in tow. Suze said up-front that she didn't quiiite trust Nadya (too many lies, said too glibly), but both Suze and Oprah thought the kids should get a break.
     It's a long, involved report -- but Suze's advice holds true for all of us.

Can't pay your bills? Then hold off on the luxuries -- cable, workouts, trainers, nails done, fancy stuff. Quit buying so many presents at Christmas. (Nadya admitted she spent EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS on toys for the kids one year. She also said meekly that if she'd realized she would be this broke -- she only had $300 in hand at the time of the interview -- she would have saved "every dollar.")

Suze also recommended getting an agent, and finding ways for more income -- particularly selling all those toys cluttering up the landscape.

The in-depth interview is here.

A sound bite is here:

So...has Octomom heeded Suze's advice, less than a year later?
Well, sort of.

She certainly has more side options for income, including topless bartending and stripping, a porn movie, photo shoots, per-minute-paid calls...and a sleazy loan commercial. This is the same woman who said she wanted to be valued for her mind, not her body.

Her house has been sold at auction back to the bank. (She stopped making payments long ago, and her landlord lost the house.) She and the kids will have to move somewhere else soon.

She filed for bankruptcy, claiming she was more than a million in debt. (Oops, her case was thrown out because she didn't file the proper paperwork.) Oops, one of the outstanding bills is DirectTV.

She's now on welfare and collecting food stamps -- something she said she would never do. But she's also still able to afford more than $500 on hair treatments.

What is this woman thinking??

Maybe that's the point -- she isn't.

She also said she'd never do a reality show. I'm guessing that's next.

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