Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: New Year's Eve Edition

 Whoa - Dec. 31, already?! We'll see the New Year in our traditional way -- with cowboy movies and pizza. The girlies, on the other hand, usually head out for a party -- the rowdies. (And we won't see them tomorrow, either. Ah well.) Meanwhile, I've got lots of cleaning, some paperwork...and it's flirting with snow outside. You'll have more fun checking out what wandered in off the Internet:

    The 'unsolvable' math hypotheses that turned out to be right!

A baby in Colorado has surgery, and what do the doctors find? A foot in his brain. I'm not making this up... one of the possibilities may be a phantom twin -- "fetus in fetu."

Animal photobombs -- all 125 of them. What can I say...Charley the dog's silly presence in our lives just make these funnier. Like this one:
and this one!

After all that, you'll want to meet Chaser, a border collie who is thought to be one of the world's smartest dogs, according to her owner, a retired psychology professor. She knows 1,000 words, does this, does that... (I still think Charley is smarter.)

A letter to our daughters -- one I wish my parents had written, when I was starting out. (At Midlife Finance) 

Thirteen nice things people did with money this year. Including the guy who found $20,000 laced in a book purchased at a bookswap in Massachusetts. (He was trying to give it back to the previous owner -- looks like they never turned up.)

Baked (shirred) egg casserole - really fast. Good for a quick holiday breakfast. This recipe comes from Frugal Upstate.

Vijay Singh gives a whole new meaning to 'skipping stones' (er, golf balls) closely!

and a very happy last-day-of-the-year.

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