Sunday, March 31, 2013

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Spinach and Sunshine

     Can it really be spring?
     The ground is warm and ready for spinach seed. (I would have planted it on St. Patrick's Day, like you're supposed to -- but there was a foot of snow on the ground.) The chickies' egg production is picking up...I'm even thinking about hosing off the deck furniture and having supper outside. 
     April Fools' Day is also the birthday of my beloved dad, gone for more than four years now. Mom always put salt in his sugarbowl. He always solemnly measured it out into his coffee -- and drank it without saying a word, just to drive her crazy. 
     What a family tradition...
     Happy Birthday, Pa. See you soon.
     Meawhile, what's blooming on the Internet: 

Quitting your jobs and traveling the it possible? Well, this couple did it, with some planning and $26,000. (A guest post on Making Sense of Cents.)

Six famous treasures that were found with simple metal detectors. 

(I was thinking about this after reading of a New Mexico antiques dealer who swears he hid a chest holding millions... all you have to do is find it. He's even given a poem to help you. (Full story's here.) The only problem: he has a reputation as a joker. People aren't sure if the chest is real or not. Guess you'll have to read his book, The Thrill of the Chase, to find out. (Hmmm...I wonder if he did this to sell books...)

Newspaper on the ceiling? It sure is a creative way to cover up cracks and other cosmetic boo-boos. (From The Space Between.)

A Chinese bowl, purchased for $3 at a garage sale, fetches more than $2 million at auction. Turns out the 5-inch bowl dated from the Northern Song Dynasty, and is thought to be only one of two existing. This one far exceeded its pre-sale estimate, which was stunning enough: $200,000-$300,000.
    Wonder how they confirmed it? (I need to find out.)

Chicken and waffles - a guest post over at Stacy Makes Cents. Budget priced and tasty.

An 88-calorie chocolate chip cookie recipe? Cleverly Inspired comes through...boy, do these look good.

What Mick Jagger thinks about fatherhood. (He's way more frugal than you'd think.)

Suitcases from an insane asylum. Selections from 400 suitcases found when an abandoned building was refurbished -- turned into an exhibit. Heartbreaking, enigmatic and strangely evocative, all at the same time.

Michigan's going to the Final Four?!? We could hardly believe the team we were seeing, beating Florida by 20 POINTS IN A CHAMPIONSHIP GAME?!?
      Wow...Go Blue!

And another stirring performance --

U2 and the Harlem Gospel choir sing "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For:"

Rich and inspiring.
     Have an inspiring week.

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