Sunday, June 23, 2013

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Back in the Garden Again

Our sticky, stuffy heat finally eased up today, thanks in part to an afternoon of thunderstorms. These are the first sustained rain we've had for about two months. Sure, we get 'quickie,' often violent thunderstorms, but the ground dries up fast. 
     The Brick also installed a swamp cooler. It sounds like jets are taking off and landing, but did its job so effectively that the kitchen linoleum was cold to the touch this morning. Charley the dog is very relieved; he searches for the absolute chilliest spot to lie in, and this gives him all sorts of opportunities.
     I'm going to try planting again. But this time, thanks to the terrorist chickies, I'm only doing it in selected areas I can protect with wood and netting on top. That seems to be the only thing that keeps them at bay.
    That, and planting in the front garden bed they can't reach. (They only range in the fenced backyard.) Meanwhile:

Detroit just defaulted on $2.5 BILLION in debts. I knew the emergency manager (appointed by the Michigan governor, after Detroit officials refused to come up with a workable plan) was threatening to do this. But it actually happened. This figure includes those poor souls whose pension plans are connected with Detroit, as well. Guess what they're offering creditors, basically saying 'take it or get nothing' -- 10 cents on the dollar. Yow. 

A woman manages to grab the bandanna disguise off the burglar who grabs her purse...and it's her grandson. 

Dirty secrets of tidy families. Ooh, great ways to keep things less messy, fast.  (I can use all the help I can get, Apartment Therapy.)

Double chocolate marshmallow cookies. Think S'mores with an attitude. Can you resist? (From Cleverly Inspired)

An interesting look at the average mom's excellent reasoning why moms and dads alike need life insurance. (From Daily Money Shot.)

What would happen if our water supplies got messed up? Len Penzo has been on "The World's Going to Hell in a Handbasket" kick for months now. He may be right, he may not -- but his tips in this area is worth considering.

Are your flipflops looking ratty? Vamp them up with this easy method, from Morena's Corner.

She does some interesting things with brass thumbtacks and Modge Podge, too.

Off to dig in the dirt...and enjoy the roses. Have a great week. 

The wild roses are nearly done...they were lovely this year. Red roses are still going strong.

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