Sunday, November 3, 2013

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Headed for Cheyenne

Normally, Mondays are a catch-up day for me...laundry, getting writing ideas, and picking up the business reins again. Today, though, I've got a two-hour drive to Cheyenne, Wyoming with Daughter #2 in tow to help out. Tonight: a trunk show on antique quilts for the Cheyenne Heritage Quilters Guild. (Would love to have you stop by, if you're in the neighborhood.) Tomorrow: appraising all day -- then the drive home.
    The difficult part: we'll be heading out on the heels of a big snowstorm for Colorado. Hopefully, it's just staying in the south...and we make it to Cheyenne before the weather gets nasty.  Meanwhile:

Natural gas workers find something besides pipes -- a mammoth! 

A shopper whose wallet is stolen does an incredible thing in response. Talk about living your faith...

...and more acts of kindness.

Using up Halloween candy -- suggestions and some surprising recipes. (Including infused vodka!) From Frugal Upstate.

Top executives who lied on their resumes -- and paid for it.  

A diamond-paned wall? The Nester makes it look beautiful -- with just duct tape.

The best reasonably-priced cities to visit. Now that Ireland has receded some in our memories, I'm getting the traveling itch again...

Eight misleading claims people and companies make to close a deal. From Len Penzo, my favorite skeptic.

The weird (and not-for-public-consumption) things you can overhear while on a train. I used to work for Boulder's newspaper, and would regularly overhear newsworthy stuff while eating lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant. After lunch, I'd head directly for Editorial to pass on the latest tidbit.They got some interesting articles out of it, I think...

An academia blogger I've not heard of before: Historiann. Good for rude remarks about odd things, Great Literature and grad school. I knew an awful lot of people who prided themselves on snappy comebacks and putdowns while I was going to the U of M in Ann Arbor -- sometimes yours truly included.  (Just realized she teaches at a Colorado university -- I'm guessing Colorado State. Oh my!)

Ten wonderful windowseats, thanks to Apartment Therapy. I must be in the mood to read and snuggle -- these look wonderful. This beauty is inspiring, too. But pricey.

Ten easy clean-out-the-fridge dinners. Not to mention, helping clean up your budget! ( From

How one woman coped with her bare pantry. (From Parenting Miracles.)

And another one, as well. (From  Cookin By The Seat of My Pants.)

British food with weird names. (I recognize some of these from our Irish jaunt, too.)

This has got to be one of the strangest vintage commercials I've ever seen, courtesy of Moo & Oink, a meat market in Chicago. Get down and boogie...and have a good week!

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