Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Looking for Frugal Tips?

I'm a big fan of little (and big) ways to save. 

Living Life in Frugal Iowa just posted 25 more tips. (Her first 25 were pretty good, too.)

And here are five more of mine:

*Use your bacon in bits. A few slices go a lot further if diced and mixed into your scrambled eggs...or top a potato or bean casserole for a tasty main dish.

*Buy a plant you can split. Some greenery can be easily propagated. Geraniums, for example, will grow roots in water if you cut a long stem that includes a few leaves. (Petunias, too.)  You don't even have to go to that trouble for spider plants or strawberry runners; just bury the plantlet right in the ground. Go here for more ideas. Speaking of that:

Yes, this is a spider plant

*Start your geranium, rose or leafy cuttings in late winter. Come spring, you'll have healthy, thriving plants for your summer garden.

*Clean your windows with newspaper. Yep, that grubby, inky stuff really produces a nice shine.

*Once home, take your shoes off at the door. Not only will it give you extra mileage on your shoe leather, but your floors will benefit from less dirt tracked in.

I'll be on the election job all week...but am bringing a friend - a combined sinus and earache that make my head bang like a drum at times. The two crowns I got a few weeks ago can ache, too -- but based on the fact that loud noises can drive me totally nuts, I'm guessing it's mostly earache. Ah well -- you can still type in numbers and check names, even when your head aches now and then. 

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