Sunday, October 5, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Making Progress

The fog is lifting some.

I've been struggling all week with some kind of flu that takes you down for a while, lets you up long enough to spit on its hands...then down you go, with another fever. Feeling better now, but tired. The Brick seems to be experimenting with it, too.
    Nonetheless, life goes on. Because things have been quiet, I am catching up (finally) on paperwork and more. Everything should go out in tomorrow morning's mail. Hooray! Meanwhile, in Internet-land:

The story of John Downey -- one of the longest American POWs ever held. More than twenty years...the article says he has served the longest. I am not convinced, though, that all American POWs were actually released during the Vietnam War...some may still be captive.

Fixing and flipping real it a good idea for you? (From Get Rich Slowly)

A man picks up change for ten years -- and ends up donating more than $21,000 to charity from it!

Making a fancy 'princess dress' for a girlie - from an adult top. (From Penniless Parenting)

How to eat with no money. (From Made Man) Some great additional posts, including easy meals for guys to make.

French workers find gold coins and bars in a home...and end up going to jail for it.

A BUNCH of apron-making links, all mentioned in one blogpost. You'll have to do some extra clicking to see everything, but it's worth it.

Recycling sweaters for the yarn. Now you can knit with cashmere, if you like! (From My Virtual Sanity)

A floating frame for your favorite art. Graceful and inexpensive, too. (From

A barn door in a bedroom??  Yup...and it's beautiful.

Saving on a flight by using a 'fake' location. 

Tales from the Great DepressionSome touching ones here.

Make your own mozzarella. Thirty minutes, according to Mother Earth News. Then you can use it in...

Pizza in a pot -- an easy crockpot dish for these blustery days. (From Diary of a Stay at Home Mom)

Crochet    These are great!

A cute little (and effective) needle-threader. These might be good bazaar or Christmas stocking items. (From Wild Olive)

 A very pretty (and easy) crocheted slouch hat. (From Gleeful Things)

The four most persuasive words in the English language.

Have a great week.

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