Friday, July 10, 2015


Every now and then, I like to keep you posted on subjects I've brought up. After all, aren't you curious about new developments?

Well, here they are. 

The defense has finally rested in the James Holmes theater murder trial. After going on for umpteen weeks, not to mention millions of dollars of taxpayers' money, it ended by Holmes making a one-sentence statement: "I do not choose to testify." After more than 20 hours of video of him rambling on, who cares -- we got plenty of his opinions, already.  My favorite: that murdering people would increase his self-worth. (I'm not kidding. He really said that.)

            Final arguments are Tuesday, then it goes to the jury on Wednesday. Good luck to them.

 Greece is finally doing something about its troubles. Although Greek citizens voted no to any austerity measures, the Greek government introduced a new bailout plan that will have them anyways, including higher sales taxes on certain goods, and a cut in pension plans. The new plan was submitted only a few hours before a deadline that would have thrown Greece out on its keester from both use of the euro, and inclusion in the European Union, or EU. (Now referred to more often as the Eurozone.) No wonder, when even EU's president, Donald Tusk, said the country needed a "realistic" proposal, to be taken seriously.
    Better something than nothing, I guess. But this is far from over. 

Another update (7/13/15):
   As of Sunday the 12th, Greece's bailout plan has been approved by other countries in the EU...provided Greece takes some serious austerity measures, and gives up much of its right to approve or disprove what's going to happen. Greek banks are set to reopen on Thursday.

The chickens are not behaving. (What, you don't think that the Bricks' chicken doings are on a par with Greek financial crises??) The 'babies,' who have stopped peeping and now look and act like regular chickens, have stopped laying eggs. Just eating, pooping and making pests of themselves. Unfortunately, that's mostly what everyone else is doing, as well. I've tried everything, including fresh cans of catfood (a cheap source of protein), leftover watermelon and a healthy serving of grass and weeds each day -- but the eggs, for a flock of 30-plus hens, remain at 4 or 5 each day.
     We're talking a butchering session this weekend for inspiration -- hopefully in full view of the flock. But then, they're meat-lovers. They'll probably just stand around, hoping for a bite.
     The strange thing: we've always had a 'Mrs. Bossy.' This chicken hustles the rest in the coop at night. Then she makes two or more patrols around the outside, marching as if she's on guard duty, before going inside, too. I don't know if the chickens have elections for this position -- but the same chicken does it for long periods of time.
     So who's our current Mrs. Bossy? One of the babies! 

     And finally:

Omar Sharif has died. Probably from the shock after Diane Von Furstenberg's nasty comments about him in her new racy memoir. I have rarely read about someone so proud of herself, including the many drugs she took, all the liquor she guzzled, guys (and girls) she bedded and the (current) husband who sank millions into her business when it was tanking. But hey, it's ok -- she got what she wanted.
     How many people did she walk over, to do it? How much money, time and energy did she waste?

Well, we won't talk about that. Think about His Majesty, instead...


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