Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bits, Pieces and Updates

Weird stuff I've been meaning to tell you about:

Now Rachel Dolezal thinks her parents may not be her parents. She wouldn't mind a DNA test...
and Maury's willing to do it.  
     I have this vision of dark-skinned Baby Rachel cooing in a basket, dumped on her missionary parents' front stoop. Blonding and blue-eyeing ensues...
     Go ahead. Do the DNA test, Rachel. You'll just be more embarrassed.

Remember I mentioned that it was snowing on Memorial Day weekend?
     Here's the proof.

Lindsay Lohan is off probation. That hasn't happened in years! One of my silly hobbies is following Lindsay's doings, as well as -- oh, the horror -- Octomom. (Although she's behaved herself lately... darn it.)
      I can't help myself.
    After all, not all Hollywood comebacks stay that way.

Some very strange things have happened in moviedom, anyways. Like the stars of The Godfather, who enjoyed mooning each other offset. (I'm not kidding.)

When it comes to religious quilt patterns, the Devil does all right for himself. Devil's Footprints. Devil's Puzzle. Devil's Claws -- lots of them. Even the Devil's Dark Horse gets in on the show. (I've been researching faith-named patterns a lot lately, for the Bible Quilts lecture.)
    Here's the weird part: I couldn't find a single angel-based pieced quilt pattern. (Although they show up now and then in embellishments and applique.) Are the Heavenly Hosts getting slighted?

The baby chicks are starting to lay! At least one or two of them, based on the tiny eggs that are suddenly showing up in the nesting boxes. This is wayyyy early.

Ever watch Naked and Afraid? I got the Brick hooked on this History Channel show, about two people dumped in various jungle/forest/desert settings, stark naked and with just a few tools. (And a bag, to hide naughty bits on occasion.) Somehow, they must Survive.

     Sometimes the couples get along -- sometimes they hate each other. But that's entertainment.
     It's a lot more fun than  Mountain Men. I get sooo tired of Marty the pilot whining and grousing, particularly when his small plane starts to take off: "Oh, I just know we're not going to make it." Hey buddy -- why are you even trying, then? He also manages to do stupid stuff, like losing and/or breaking his glasses -- then moans about how he can't see a thing without them. In spite of being hundreds of miles out in the boonies, it hasn't occurred to him to get a spare pair.
     Yes, this is Marty in this short clip:

     Ah well -- if Marty kicks the bucket, I'll stick around to see what happens to Eustace and Tom.

And Alone -- ten guys set out in the 'wilderness' (actually Vancouver Island) to see who lasts the longest. (The winner gets five hundred thousand smackers.) They get more tools than Naked and Afraid. They're supposed to be 'survival experts.' Then why in the world do they have so much difficulty finding food, or drinkable water, or starting a fire? (Only one of the ten got a fire going in the wet woods -- and he didn't manage it until Day Two.) They seem incredibly timid and scared, too, for survival experts.
     One guy quit, so far -- but I don't blame him. Nobody else had three bears nosing around his open-ended tent around midnight: ("I didn't come to compete with bears and cougars for territory," he explains. Except Bigfoot, maybe.)
      I'd be a little nervous with all that heavy breathing, too.

See what you learn when you hang out here?

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