Thursday, October 15, 2015

Another Great One is Gone

Nancy Pearson died recently. 

She was 85 years old. (How can that be??)

One of our very best appliquers in the quilting world, she used a unique multi-layered approach to give her motifs (especially the florals she was so fond of) a natural, textured look. Sort of Baltimore Album, but much of her own original design.

When her death was mentioned on the professional teacher listserv I belong to, I was amazed at the outpouring of teachers who had taken classes -- and learned from her. (It's not often for us to get time to do to have so many professionals give homage is rare.) Nancy was an inspiring -- and humble -- teacher.

You can buy her excellent applique book for only a penny on Amazon! (She also sold applique patterns that appear now and then on Ebay and other spots.)

The interview she did for the Alliance for American Quilts is intriguing. Take a look.

And here's her obituary, courtesy of the Chicago Tribune. 

I never met her personally, but was a fan of her beautiful work. Inspired by it? Yes. (By inclination, though, I'm a piecer, not an appliquer.) The people who knew her speak of her with affection, as well as awe. And THAT doesn't happen much in the quilting world.

Rest in peace, Nancy Pearson. You've probably already started your next project. 

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