Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Getting Ready for the Seven Fish Dishes

Most people present-shop the last few days before Christmas.

Trim a tree.

Go caroling.

Us... we deal in fish, dear friends. Lots of fish -- seven different versions of fish and other seafood! 

The Feast of the Seven Fish Dishes is an old Italian custom, meant to honor the Seven Sacraments (birth, baptism, etc. down through last rites), and the birth of the Christ Child. Since we serve Him too, it started in our house as a reminder of Jesus' birth. (No, we're not Italian -- we just like to celebrate with really good food.)

I resemble that remark!

It happens right after the last Christmas Eve service. Just like this year, the Brick and I invariably are pegged to sing, play piano/keyboard or both during our church service(s). Since I'll be busy that day, I try to make some of the dishes ahead -- and others are just easy, to begin with. We have a few old favorites over and over -- Angels on Horseback (oysters wrapped in bacon), a lots-of-shrimp dish (this year, it's Scampi) and as a finale, a Baked Salmon Something.  (This year's version will be Wasabi Salsa Verde, accompanied by a Filipino-style green sauce spiked with cilantro.)

Here's the menu, if you're curious -- it's over at my sister site, Christmas Goodies. So far this year, Caviar with Blini and North Carolina-Style Crab Cakes are up -- and the rest will be coming, day by day, until the big event. Stop by every day for a different recipe!

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