Thursday, December 3, 2015

My December Plans

Yep, here I am. Shoveling out now and then from our once-a-week storms, and keeping the heavy sweaters handy.

And what are we planning for December?

Absolutely nothing. 

The Brick and I have been so pushed, shoved and harassed over the past nine months that giving ourselves a 'pass' for this month sounds absolutely wonderful. Granted, we have to watch our $$, although life has stabilized financially, now we're learning to adapt to the Brick's retirement check.

    That means giving presents will be minimal this year.
    Movies will be rented from the library, more than anything. (Except one of the Denver theatres has Sunday admission for $5 -- all day long. Yow!)
    We'll decorate with what we have. No splashing out on fancy-pants decorations or lights.  
    Food will be fine -- because I've been gradually stocking up. More expensive things like butter and nuts are already purchased, ready for use. I've already got items for Christmas brunch and dinner, though the seven fish dishes are in progress.
    And if we go to a concert, it will be free.

And you know what? 

The Brick has made it very clear that's fine with him. I don't care, either. Just the relief of not having to deal with hassles and difficulties is enormous.

We have our health.
Our bills are paid.
Our family is okay.

It could be worse. 

You could be thrilled that you could physically be able to set a holiday table by yourself, like our friend Libby Lehman. 
    You could be cowering at a holiday party, hoping you wouldn't get shot. (What in the world?!?)
    You could be slowly recovering from a serious illness. Abby at I Pick Up Pennies still has residual effects from the Guillan-Barre Syndrome she had at age 19. (I've read her story with particular interest; our much-loved Uncle Archie endured this disease, and was affected by it until the day he died, decades later.) 

Such peacefulness may come at a premium soon. I plan to enjoy it now, while we can. 

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Barbara said...

AMEN! There is so much to be said for "It Is Well With My Soul"!

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