Friday, January 1, 2016

Headed for Cheyenne

....and the Cheyenne Heritage Quilters' January meeting. 

It's Jan. 4 (Monday night), at First United Methodist in downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming --
      go here for directions.  (The weather's clear, thankfully -- you won't have trouble getting there.)

I'll be speaking on "How to Date And Restore Your Quilt"...

    with a bit added on how you analyze for secrets any quilt holds dear: why it was made that way, what the pattern is, who made it -- and why.
                        Things like that.

What is this quilt trying to say? (Because it is...)

I'm doing some appraising Monday and Tuesday during the day. Monday's filled up, but there are still a few spots on Tuesday. (E-mail me at if you're interested, and I'll pass you on to the proper contact.)

Would love to see you there. 

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