Thursday, July 7, 2016

Did Hillary Clinton Lie?

FBI Director Comey has been testifying today at the House Oversight Committee.

Did Hillary Clinton lie regarding her statements about her use of e-mail?

     Click here. Listen carefully to what he says. (Or just go to the video below.)

(Poor man, he looks exhausted. And REALLY reluctant to be doing what he's doing.)

Again, asked by another congressman, Jason Chaffetz: did she lie? Comey's response is fascinating -- she was not required to give her answers under oath. According to Comey, the FBI wasn't interested in determining truthfulness, he says, because they needed a "referral" from Congress in order to deal with that issue. (The congressman assured Comey he'd have it "in a few hours.")

Comey's only concerned, he says, whether she broke the law. And that response was "No."

If you're extra confused at this point, this intercut of Clinton and Comey quotes should be helpful. (Click on the link above, or the video below -- it's the same.) 
        At the very least, it helps deliniate some of the specific issues.

Yep, I'm very reassured now. You bet.

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