Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton Gets Away With It... Or Does She?

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I feel sick.  

After WAY too long, FBI Director James Comey finally announced that Hillary Clinton will NOT be indicted for her "incredibly careless" use of private e-mail to handle classified and top secret info.

Do you honestly think that if one of us regular peons did this, we WOULDN'T be indicted?
(Comey said that if she had still been in office, that possibility would have been more likely. Interestingly, White House officials, as well as Clinton staffers, griped because Comey had the affrontery to bring up 'iffy' actions on the part of Mrs. Clinton and her staff, in spite of her being 'cleared.' .  Tell me -- is deciding not to charge her, though evidence is cited to do so, the same as saying she never did anything wrong?

Makes me wonder if she said, "Fine, go ahead and indict me. I'll then bring up Things I Know about the Obama administration...and it won't be pretty." 
     (Would she stoop to blackmail? Let me put it this way -- do you really think that President Obama appointed her Secretary of State years ago out of the goodness of his heart, or admiration for her skillset? If she backed off, his road to the presidency was a little smoother... and that magically happened. Just a coincidence, I'm sure.)

As if to rub it in, President Obama gave Mrs. Clinton a free ride on Air Force One to their next (shared) fundraising event. Smiles all around.

(If I were the Donald, I'd be demanding a free ride next.) 

There is no doubt that Mrs. Clinton is a smart woman. No doubt at all. In fact, I would argue that she's got it on her husband in the smarts department. (Any man who thinks that we're supposed to believe a half-hour meeting....that he WAITED for... with the Attorney General was just 'accidental.' And they only talked about golf and grandchildren. Was nothing. Can't be all THAT brilliant.)

I particularly appreciate Mrs. Clinton's passionate speeches on inequality -- while wearing a $12,000+ Giorgio Armani jacket. Nothing like mixing with us commonfolk.
     I also found her assertions that she and Bill were 'dead broke' interesting. (In spite of a huge, lavish house -- oops, sorry, two houses -- million-dollar fees for speeches, and a paltry $8 million advance on Hillary's latest book. Plus helping themselves to a variety of furniture and other items they took out of the White House -- more than $109,000 worth. Uh-huh. Sure.)

Even her quotes make me uneasy.   (A few too many, with language too consistent, from former staff and Secret Service who dare speak out, don't you think?)

That's not the trouble. Other presidents swore a lot, including Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson.

The problem, to my mind:

Is she honest? Does she have the character that should be essential to represent us as President?

This would suggest she doesn't. 

This too, unfortunately. 

Skating out of this indictment is just another addition to the list, which to my mind is topped by her actions (and response to) the Benghazi incident. Disgraceful.

It doesn't have anything to do with being pro-Donald Trump. Which I am not. 

It has to do with INTEGRITY.

Are we stupid enough to ignore this too, and give Mrs. Clinton another free pass -- especially on something that has incredibly serious implications to our country's security?  (Others are asking the same question, by the way.)

Are we, as the American people, going to let her get away with it?

I hope not.   We'll see.


Marilyn Maher said...

I agree!

Cindy Brick said...

The problem is...we won't know what will happen until it actually happens. I have seen far too many wacky conclusions based on surveys and exit polls; those conclusions seem to have more influence than the studies they cite. Which are often biased. So are the conclusions. And far too often, they're wrong. Take Brexit, for example...that wasn't supposed to happen, according to practically every news outlet.

What's frightening is that this affects so many aspects of our daily lives, now and in the future. I'm grateful for a God I can trust, in this respect.

Thanks much for writing, Marilyn.

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